[RC5] Status of Contests and .Plans ?

Mandelli Alessandro motovacanze at motovacanze.it
Wed Nov 13 12:31:56 EST 2002

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> The people who run dnet are busy people, they volunteer their time to run
> some of them probably even have real lives, families, partners, pets and
> even hobbies.

You can't imagine we all are like this.

> If you have the time/skills feel free to volunteer and help out,
> if you don't, make your requests and accept that they can't do everything
> immediately.

I offered myself few weeks ago to calculate graphs on behalf of dnet. Feel
free to browse the archive to find the message. If this isn't technically
feasible, it's not my fault and beyond my control.

> While this last statement is not directed at anybody in particular (so
> take offence), I wonder how many times does this have to be repeated?

How many times users have to ask for being listened to?

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