[RC5] Status of Contests and .Plans ?

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>> The people who run dnet are busy people, they volunteer their time to run
>> some of them probably even have real lives, families, partners, pets and
>> even hobbies.
>You can't imagine we all are like this.

Probably all of us are, or are trying to be.  Not sure why that is either interesting or noteworthy, 
but okay.

>I offered myself few weeks ago to calculate graphs on behalf of dnet. Feel
>free to browse the archive to find the message. If this isn't technically
>feasible, it's not my fault and beyond my control.

They might not have had time to just say "Yeah, sure, go ahead" or "Hang on, we'll get back to you."  I 
don't know.  I think that particular project's not the most burning for them right now.

>How many times users have to ask for being listened to?

I don't know.  They have to make an economic choice -- do they spend the time they can spend on this 
project answering questions and reading discussions here, or do they spend it working on the nuts and 
bolts of the project.  They will need to do some of both, and have to make that judgment call all the 
time.  Talking to use here is nice, and I appreciate it when it happens.  But getting the new contest 
underway is a bit more important to me, and I'd rather they spend their time doing it than talking 
about it if it comes down to that choice.  I'd love to see both happen, but know that sometimes it's 
just not going to work that way.

Sorta like my favorite authors -- they can really please individual fans a lot by doing lots of book 
signings and responding to fan letters and stuff.  But they can please many more fans by writing good 
stuff and getting it out there so it can be read.  

This isn't the kind of a project where you're going to get a whole ton of hand-holding -- for 
distributed processing to work, the numbers of processors needs to be pretty huge, and spending even a 
few seconds on each account (or responding to each person) once a year can be more than any human can 
do when the numbers get big enough.  I would encourage everybody to look over the list of jobs looking 
for volunteers on the d.net website and see what they might be able to do there to help move things 
forward and take load off the crew.

Take care,

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