[RC5] Status of Contests and .Plans ?

Steve Bennett me at stevage.com
Thu Nov 14 16:06:38 EST 2002

Where abouts?  The 'how to help' link doesn't mention any.

Boy, one thing that needs doing is the website fixed...so many broken links,
outdated links, etc etc.  Still no 'status' on main page...rc5-64 finished,
yes, but no mention that ogr25 is going, rc5-64 is about to start etc etc.

Hmm, there is http://www.distributed.net/jobs/index.html I suppose, but
(typically) the link to the 'job application form' is broken.


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do when the numbers get big enough.  I would encourage everybody to look
over the list of jobs looking
for volunteers on the d.net website and see what they might be able to do
there to help move things
forward and take load off the crew.

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