[RC5] Status of Contests and .Plans ?

Mandelli Alessandro motovacanze at motovacanze.it
Thu Nov 14 08:25:29 EST 2002

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> Sorta like my favorite authors -- they can really please individual fans a
lot by doing lots of book
> signings and responding to fan letters and stuff.  But they can please
many more fans by writing good
> stuff and getting it out there so it can be read.

Nonsense. What is the average daily traffic on this list? Is it so huge?
Can an email once in a week be answered? Is this a workload d.net can't

> I would encourage everybody to look over the list of jobs looking
> for volunteers on the d.net website and see what they might be able to do
> there to help move things forward and take load off the crew.

Sorry, the hyperlink is broken, as most of d.net website.


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