[RC5] They have all our e-mails!!!

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Thu Nov 14 08:41:46 EST 2002

On 14 Nov 2002, at 11:43, Steve Bennett wrote:


>   Just have to point out the flaw in your logic...you're claiming that
> instead of sending out the message to every participant, they should send
> out the message to the mailing list...which magically gets to every
> participant? 

That is also assuming that the E-mail address is still valid, not a spamtrap, or anything else of that nature.

> send each email individually.  Of course, if much less than 100% of
> participants are subscribed to rc5-announce, then you're right, but how are
> those people going to know to get the new client?

That would be a fun proposition, not to mention the number of bounces, which will come flooding back. Perhaps the straw that broke the backbone! 

A quick and easy solution is right in front of us, that (I'd say) a great number of people will discover and that is to put the message into the proxy greeting, when people download new blocks. The proxy greeting having more prominence in the window, gasp even in Bold, perhaps to distinguish it from background.

I would also recommend that the new clients have an option for a pop-up window or something to allow users to have their clients indicate to them, when to upgrade.

Another is to have the stats hungry consumers have a message to say that certain updates have been uploaded, on their stats pages.

If I were having a piece of software running on a machine that I owned, I would at least keep a tab on what is going on with it, either by looking at the screen, stats, or announcement mailing list. I would wager that those that don't are running on unauthorised machines!

All in all, I would guess neglegable increase in bandwidth upon what is generated now, and no stopping of my E-mails getting to Hawaii, because of the flood from D.Net mail servers.

Fairly easy to accompish as well. I do agree that the website is in dire need of updating, though, someone fix the jobs link! LOL!


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