[RC5] They have all our e-mails!!!

Gustav_Schaffter at capgroup.com Gustav_Schaffter at capgroup.com
Thu Nov 14 10:28:26 EST 2002

webmaster at corvardus.f9.co.uk wrote:

> A quick and easy solution is right in front of us,
> that (I'd say) a great number of people will discover
> and that is to put the message into the proxy greeting,
> when people download new blocks.

I run some 15+ Linux boxes with a perproxy on one of them. All my dnet
software runs as server software. Not even a CLI. I haven't seen a proxy
greeting in years...

> I would also recommend that the new clients have an option
> for a pop-up window or something...

Again, Linux, server, not even a CLI.
Would I like to run the software as a GUI? No. Not even under Win-32.
Is this true for everyone? No.
Is this true for a lot of people? Absolutely.

On my one single Win-32 box, I run the client as a Win-32 service. Of

I'd say that the risk is too great that the proxy greeting would be used as
a primary communications channel and those who don't see it (for various
reasons) will be told "too bad for you".

IMHO, a working announcement list is the best way to go. But, it requires
announcements to be announced on the announcement list, or it will fail.

IRC is probably nice, but I stopped doing IRC many, many moons ago and I
won't go back there. Why? I don't have the time for all the noise on IRC.
This is true even for the #distributed IRC server. I *have* looked in there
just to see that IRC remains IRC as I remember it. An e-mail waits for me
in the inbox, patiently, until I have time to read my e-mail, which is
already several times a day, 7 days a week.

> If I were having a piece of software running on a machine that I owned,
> I would at least keep a tab on what is going on with it,
> either by looking at the screen, stats, or announcement mailing list.

What screen?
Stats? Yes, when it's working and up to date.
Mailing list? Yes, when there are some announcements announced there.

> I would wager that those that don't are running on unauthorised machines!

I hope you're not serious. Several years of work and people should still
regularly follow the stats?
Mind you, when someone has questions about stats, the answer is normally
that "Stats has so little value anyway, stats are not important, you
shouldn't bother with stats."

Announcement list?
When someone asks for updates on this list, he gets frowned upon, or
sometimes almost flamed with people saying that one should not ask for
information but spend time developing dnet software or maintain the dnet
project before asking for information.

There is an official announcement list. I'm subscribed. If I remember
correctly, it took about a week and at least one request on *this* list
before the announcement of the finalization of RC5-64 was also announced on
the announce list.


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