[RC5] They have all our e-mails!!!

Carl Inglis wyrdrune at yoshiwara.org.uk
Thu Nov 14 11:08:31 EST 2002

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On Thursday 14 November 2002 8:41 am, webmaster at corvardus.f9.co.uk wrote:

> If I were having a piece of software running on a machine that I owned,
> I would at least keep a tab on what is going on with it, either by
> looking at the screen, stats, or announcement mailing list. I would
> wager that those that don't are running on unauthorised machines!

You lose the bet - you shall run round your local park twice and say three 
Hail-Cows as a forfit. 

I have 11 machines here, mainly Linux - running the client as a background 
process - with a couple of Windows boxes running the client as, well take 
a guess... yup, a background process. All of these machines are my 
property and I was very careful to ask myself for authorisation before I 
installed the clients.

I haven't looked at stats in ages (I use a perproxy and generate my own 
stats from that) and I haven't seen any traffic on the Announce list in a 
long time.

(The World Is A Big Place - not everyone does things the way you do).

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"..as to who I am now, if you're prompted to ask: I'm the ghost of my
future and the sum of my past." 
	- Talis Kimberly, Small Mended Corners, Archetype Cafe
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