[RC5] They have all our e-mails!!!

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Thu Nov 14 10:44:05 EST 2002

| Announcement list?
| When someone asks for updates on this list, he gets frowned upon, or
| sometimes almost flamed with people saying that one should not ask for
| information but spend time developing dnet software or 
| maintain the dnet
| project before asking for information.
| There is an official announcement list. I'm subscribed. If I remember
| correctly, it took about a week and at least one request on 
| *this* list
| before the announcement of the finalization of RC5-64 was 
| also announced on
| the announce list.

The announcement list was broken for a number of years, but that
information wasn't properly communicated to those who could fix it.
When we finished RC5-64, we got it sorted out.  We intend to use the
list more regularly now.

I can tell you that the "call for builds" has been sent out to all the
coders, which is usually a good sign that we're getting ready for a full
release.  Of course, it was followed up with another "call for builds"
when a version numbering issue was discovered.  RSN is all I can say for

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