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waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Thu Nov 14 20:44:41 EST 2002

Steve Bennett wrote:
> Just a sort of philosophical question: Do you think this is the long-term
> solution?
> That is, are ad-hoc methods of "finding out" the current status of a
> distributed project the best we can manage?  To me it goes against the goal
> of distributed.net (but not necessarily all distributed projects).  The idea
> of d.net is to maximally employ spare cpu cycles involving minimal fuss to
> the owner.  I definitely think that *by default* the client should download
> new cores, as they become available, to work on what the current project is.
> Naturally people will want to customise the client not take advantage of
> that.  If core downloading doesn't exist, then the next best thing we can
> offer people is a polite email (generated from the client as easily as not,
> but again, since that's not part of the current protocol...), with a simple
> link to click on to install the newest version.  Having to subscribe to
> various lists and read them, or visit an IRC server, or poll a web page, or
> remain in contact with people etc is *more* effort, than acting on a single
> email.  Imho.

FWIW: there are distributed projects that do have "external" cores that 
the clients download based on the needs or type of work unit they are to 
process... stanford university's folding and genome projects are in this 
group though they have a few other problems that many distributed 
project groups have also run into.. namely keeping up with stats... 
however, in their favor, the stanford group do try to stay up on things 
and have been known to manually process the logs and locate missing 
stats points and adjust user accounts accordingly...

http://forum.folding-community.org for links and message bases...

my clients are doing both folding and genoming while doing OGR until 
RC5-72 starts... i'll then decide to either keep them doing both or 
figure out which one or the other i'll work on...

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