[RC5] They have all our e-mails!!!

Michael Shannon MichaelS at towersoft.com.au
Fri Nov 15 13:09:54 EST 2002

> stanford university's folding and genome projects 
> are in this group though they have a few other problems
> that many distributed project groups have also run into..
> namely keeping up with stats... however, in their favor,
> the stanford group do try to stay up on things 
> and have been known to manually process the logs and locate missing 
> stats points and adjust user accounts accordingly...

Ah, but what is their user base like?  I doubt it's anything near the
sheer size that d.net's is (300k +).  From the number of .plans that
I've seen with something like "stats fell over, need to re-run" I think
the d.net guys are hard pressed to keep things on an even keel as it is.
Just the fact that things seem to run relatively smoothly goes to show
what a good job they do.  Remember, things could be *a lot* worse than
what they currently are.


Michael Shannon
michaels at towersoft.com.au

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