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waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Thu Nov 14 21:51:39 EST 2002

Michael Shannon wrote:
>>stanford university's folding and genome projects 
>>are in this group though they have a few other problems
>>that many distributed project groups have also run into..
>>namely keeping up with stats... however, in their favor,
>>the stanford group do try to stay up on things 
>>and have been known to manually process the logs and locate missing 
>>stats points and adjust user accounts accordingly...
> Ah, but what is their user base like?  I doubt it's anything near the
> sheer size that d.net's is (300k +).

ummm, lets say it this way...

for windows users, GOOGLE has implemented the stanford FAH3 client in 
their toolbar... there are /MANY/ google users on the google "team" but 
that is/was a controversy that may be at an end due to some folk not 
wanting to see the google users as being on a team due to various reasons...

other than the google thing, i understand that there are several tens of 
thousands of folk who heard about and joined up on their own... 
[H]ardOCP, OverClockers Australia, and quite a few other groups are all 
participating... me? i'm running alone on the folding stuff... at least 
for now...

> From the number of .plans that
> I've seen with something like "stats fell over, need to re-run" I think
> the d.net guys are hard pressed to keep things on an even keel as it is.

this is true <<GG>>

> Just the fact that things seem to run relatively smoothly goes to show
> what a good job they do.  Remember, things could be *a lot* worse than
> what they currently are.

you got that right... i've made a few suggestions to stanford about 
their clients in comparison with the dnetc clients but over all, both 
groups have their pluses and minuses...

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