[RC5] They have all our e-mails!!!

James Spinks james at angelos.ftech.co.uk
Fri Nov 15 11:18:48 EST 2002

Quoting Steve Bennett <me at stevage.com>:

> Just a sort of philosophical question: Do you think this is the long-term
> solution?
> That is, are ad-hoc methods of "finding out" the current status of a
> distributed project the best we can manage?  To me it goes against the goal

The current methods are hardly ad-hoc (assuming they work).  All users browsing
the web-site (something any sane person would do before downloading binary
executables) should discover that there is an announcements mailing list which
is deliberately kept low usage to not discourage sign-ups.  This list is
obviously (by it's very name) intended to be the widest public dissemination for
such information.

.plans are intended more as a method for individual staff members to keep us up
to date with stuff they are working on, fixing, testing, etc...

IRC and the rc5 list are obviously more chatty methods of spreading information,
but equally have a potentially smaller number of readers.

Yes, the dnet team have had problems with the announce list before - but they
assure us it is fixed now.  Yes, the plans don't get used as much as anybody
would like but that is up to the individuals concerned to update them.  I'm not
sure what else the staff members can do.  They provide three official
announcement channels (irc, announce and web-site), and several un-official
channels (rc5, proxyper, .plans, proxy messages, etc.).

Sending a blanket email out to the whole database is unrealistic (for all the
reasons that others have already mentioned), as well as unnecessary - there are
established channels for these communications to arrive through.  There is no
good moaning that you aren't getting any information until there is some
information to send out.  The clients are still in beta, so there is currently
nothing to announce...

James Spinks
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