[RC5] OGR search ignoring "as-good-as" candidates?

Marco Tedaldi marco at tedaldi.net
Fri Nov 15 20:40:22 EST 2002

On Fri, 15 Nov 2002 04:49:13 -0500, Cole Kitchen wrote:

>In the following Faq-O-Matic query, somebody raised a good point about the 
>possible importance of "as-good-as" Golomb rulers. Have the "powers that 
>be" at d.net taken this into consideration?
> From the OGR Faq-O-Matic:
>What is the most optimal ruler found by d.net so far?
One more Question rises in this...
Ok, possibly it woud be a bandwith and storage-problem. But when
we get a stub to calculate, our computers get a golum-ruler (not
an OGR, but a GR). Wouldn't it be possible, to store all GR-24
and just test them with one more node to see, if they are an
OGR-25. For my logic, an OGR-25 MUST base on an GR-24.
But i can imagine that this would be a storage and Bandwith
problem, even if it would help make the calculations faster.

Different Approach. By Calculating OGR-25 (26...) arn't there
smaller OGRs found "for free"?


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