[RC5] new release candidate available.

Scott Dodson sdodson at eagle4.cc.gasou.edu
Sat Nov 16 01:46:44 EST 2002

At 05:27 PM 11/15/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>I certainly don't want to get into, or hear anything about OS or Platform
>wars. It's all pretty much a waste. I know for myself I have stats under
>Netware, OS/2, BeOS, Linux, BSD, and SCO.
>But based on these numbers, from previous and current 'contests':
>Work Units Completed on Win32/Intel: 19446019052
>Total Work Units Complete: 21698661292
>% of total done on Wintel: 89.62%
>Work Units Completed on Win32/Intel: 97974275
>Total Work Units Complete: 135736228
>% of total done on Wintel: 72.18%
>RC5-64 ALL
>Work Units Completed on Win32/Intel: 45356380015
>Total Work Units Complete: 61250810321
>% of total done on Wintel: 74.05%
>Work Units Completed on Win32/Intel: 256270220
>Total Work Units Complete: 358516350
>% of total done on Wintel: 71.48%
>I would certainly hope that the Win32/Intel client has a bit of a priority
>over the Mac/Linux/Netware/OS2/BSD clients....The numbers are better than 2
>I'm not saying the other platforms should be ignored, not at all. If all I
>had were Macs I would probably be pushing for Mac client myself, but like
>ANYONE ELSE in the world developing software, it would make sense to develop
>for the largest audience first.

As Bruce noted, there has been an official call for builds
made.  Those listed on the page are those builds for which
port maintainers have produced a working build for.  Expect
others soon to follow.

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