[RC5] new release candidate available.

Jeff Lawson jlawson at bovine.net
Sat Nov 16 00:42:40 EST 2002

> On Friday 15 November 2002 7:37 pm, Patrik Martinsson wrote:
> > http://www.distributed.net/download/prerelease.html
> I notice that there appear to be RC's for every one of the 
> listed OS's 
> except Linux. I know what curiosity did to the cat, but does 
> this mean 
> that there are outstanding issues with the Linux client?

Clients for each platform are built by different people, each on their
own free time.  Not everyone is able to create builds simultaneously on
a moment's notice.  Additional platforms will be available as our
volunteer porters make them.  We prefer to have formal builds done by
the same porter between releases, just to ensure consistency in build
environments and build technique.

Although we indeed try to pay greater attention to platforms with
greater numbers of users first, there is no direct correlation between
the order in which we make them available.  The release order is also
not necessarily an indication of any particular problem with certain

When I updated the prerelease page, I chose to leave earlier beta
available for platforms that did not yet have a release-candidate
available, though I could have removed all such betas just as easily.

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