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Adrian Neill digitaltoaster at sympatico.ca
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>>Just as a side FYI, My P-III Dell Latitude (1200 MHz) crunches at ~2,450,000
>>Anyone have other numbers to share?

Thats funny my Celeron 1.2 gets [Nov 17 06:08:36 UTC] RC5-72: Benchmark for 
core #4 (SES 2-pipe) 0.00:00:17.51 [2,559,201 keys/sec]
And that's with some other apps running. I guess the new tualtin class 
board/chips (celeron on a tualatin board) chips are a little faster than 
the mainstream pIII's were... that's pretty odd. Heck, The processor even 
runs at under 50Dec Celcius. even with 100% load using the stock intel fan.

Peace Adrian Neill.

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