[RC5] new release candidate available.

Timothy Marsh Timothy.Marsh at usm.edu
Fri Nov 22 11:52:49 EST 2002

I thought your idea of working on the RC5-72 client while still crunching on
64 was interesting, but the more I think about it the more difficulties I
find.  First of all there was no way of knowing when 64 would end so you
couldn't know when to start working on 72.  If you just started working on
72 say a couple of years into 64 then we might have had a working client
years before we were ready to run the project.  If you went ahead and opened
the client that early it would have divided the work between two massive
projects and neither would have ever been finished.  If we had just held on
to the finished clients, by the time we would have been ready to use them,
they would have been 4 years old and probably would have needed a few weeks
to update them to modern CPU architectures (a lot has changed in the last 4
years).  Maybe the rough work would have been done, but the fine tuning by
hand would have had to be done all over again which I believe takes a
significant amount of the time.  I think in the long run its much simpler to
just do what we're doing now.  The clients will be out soon enough and
everybody will be happy again.  Just my 2 cents (OK maybe $2).

Timothy Marsh

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> I don't mean to start a big shit storm here again.  I know the people that
> run d.net are volunteers and I know they are busy, yadda yadda yadda.  I
> volunteer for many projects myself and I always make sure I have the time
> actually do what I'm volunteering for.  How hard is it once every day or
> to just say, hey this is what's going on, thanks for your geduld.  There's
> barely anything posted here, and nothing relative in .plan.  And my big
> question is; why were we not working on an rc5-72 client long before the
> of 64?  It could have been beta tested and ready to roll out when 64 was
> completed instead of waiting months of processing time.  I'm not trying to
> piss off anyone personally here but gee wiz people, it doesn't make
> If I had this many people relying on me for info I would at least try to
> appease them a little.  If you are having technical problems with
> then ask us for help, with this many people there would probably be
> that could help.
> Niles

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