[RC5] new release candidate available.

Mathieu Gilbert wilbrod at videotron.ca
Fri Nov 22 12:55:09 EST 2002

> How hard is it once every day or two
> to just say, hey this is what's going on, thanks for your geduld.  There's
> barely anything posted here, and nothing relative in .plan.

I completely agree. I joined the other day (like two weeks ago) the ECC2-109
project runned by ecompute. I also joined their mailing list and beleive me,
they provide updates on the mailing list as soon as something happens. You
can feel they are willing to fix everything asap and you know what is going
on. The programmer(since there is only one platform) is responding directly
to the mailing list, as of what was the bug and what he did .. etc. That
could easily be done with .plans. Dnet is a big thing and perhaps they
should stop playing the big game IF they are not longer able keep the beat.
Ex: If the .plan thing is not working.. simply post to the mailing list!
People like to be informed.

My opinion in the best english I could wrote,


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