[RC5] new release candidate available.

James Spinks james at angelos.ftech.co.uk
Sat Nov 23 17:27:59 EST 2002

Quoting Steve Bennett <me at stevage.com>:

> I agree.  Since d.net is all about not "wasting" CPU cycles, perhaps they
> should do a calculation of the number of cycles "wasted" since June or
> whenever that the actual key was found.  Since, due to poor administration,
> bureacracy and slow development, no keys have been cracked for the RC5
> projects since that date - 4 months or so ago.

I'm sorry for you, but if _your_ CPU cycles are getting wasted - it is _you_ who
are wasting them.  So RC5-64 ended and RC5-72 isn't here yet, OGR is still there
- my CPU cycles didn't miss a beat...  RC5-64 ended and they moved straight over
to OGR, no problems...

> Yes, we shouldn't criticise the 'volunteers'.  I was under the impression
> though that since this merger, they were supposed to be more professional
> than before.  In any case, you don't win friends by not informing your
> members what's going on.  After all, *we* are volunteers as well!

Then stop criticising them and think constructively...

> I thought that when RC5-56 was cracked, RC5-64 started up within a week or
> so?  You'd think that since they've known since August, at least, that this
> competition had finished, you could modify a core from working on 64 bit
> keys to working on 72 bit keys - how hard can it even be?

Turns out you were wrong, get over it...  If the modifications are so easy, feel
free to volunteer to help.

> I don't like to be such a knocker, but after the fiasco with rc5-64, and
> this latest "silence, we are working" attitude, can someone give me one good
> reason why anyone would want to stay on the project?  We're all agreed that
> cracking rc5-72 isn't going to prove anything we didn't know, that OGR is
> boring, and that no new projects are on the horizon.  It's not even *fun*
> anymore.

Then don't...  you don't like OGR there are dozens of other projects out there -
heck if your really stuck try and search for some non-existant aliens (that also
won't prove anything we didn't already know).

What exactly is the point of somebody stopping coding/working/etc. and coming on
here to send out a message that says 'no change since yesterday guys - were
still working on it'?  This is a discussion list for us to discuss the projects,
this is not an announcements list.  When there are announcements, I'm sure they
will announce them.

Until then, I'm getting sick of all the childish whining that goes on in here. 
We didn't pay them money, we didn't sign a contract - we are all volunteers
(staff and members), but just like we don't owe them our CPU cycles they don't
owe us anything either.  In all probability whining will decrease staff
motivation and not improve it.  I suggest we all either put-up or shut-up, that
is volunteer to help out, live with it or move on...

James Spinks
(not a staff member, just a contributor embarrassed by his peers)
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