[RC5] new release candidate available.

Mathieu Gilbert wilbrod at videotron.ca
Sat Nov 23 13:30:50 EST 2002

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> Quoting Steve Bennett <me at stevage.com>:
> > I agree.  Since d.net is all about not "wasting" CPU cycles, perhaps
> > should do a calculation of the number of cycles "wasted" since June or
> > whenever that the actual key was found.  Since, due to poor
> > bureacracy and slow development, no keys have been cracked for the RC5
> > projects since that date - 4 months or so ago.
> I'm sorry for you, but if _your_ CPU cycles are getting wasted - it is
_you_ who
> are wasting them.  So RC5-64 ended and RC5-72 isn't here yet, OGR is still
> - my CPU cycles didn't miss a beat...  RC5-64 ended and they moved
straight over
> to OGR, no problems...

Perhaps you ARE wasting your cpu cycles.. Dnet hid us some facts recently
and I feel they hide something about ogr. They actually never said the work
submitted to OGR is valid. Anyway I hope everything will go better over time
because I love the cow! :)



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