[RC5] new release candidate available.

blitz blitz at macronet.net
Sat Nov 23 15:19:45 EST 2002

OGR is indeed boring.
There are plenty other projects out there from SETI to folding proteins.
Im just as eager to get cracking on something else myself.
Im sure they are working as fast as their lives permit the volunteers to 
get the clients done. If its a toss between a "quick" one or a "right" one, 
I'm prepared to wait a while for a good product so the cycles aren't wasted.
Im sure they all feel the pressure to come up with something yesterday, but 
good code takes time.
In the mean time, I'm tearing down computers in the lan, blowing out the 
dust bunnies, and doing the maintenance that is always needed.
Time is never wasted, someone, somewhere, is always making good use of it. ;^)


>I don't like to be such a knocker, but after the fiasco with rc5-64, and
>this latest "silence, we are working" attitude, can someone give me one good
>reason why anyone would want to stay on the project?  We're all agreed that
>cracking rc5-72 isn't going to prove anything we didn't know, that OGR is
>boring, and that no new projects are on the horizon.  It's not even *fun*

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