Jeroen v.d.burg at planet.nl
Mon Nov 25 12:52:13 EST 2002

I think i made use of a golomb ruler today
I was at the hospital for a scan of my head, there was a big round thing
spinning around my head to make the scan and it had some marks
at different places with different distances.

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On 25-11-2002 at 11:59 stvernaillen at ge.cokecce.com wrote:

>I fully agree with Richard
>It is not OGR that is boring, it is the  fact that  it is being considered
>by the Dnet staff as unimportant ( compared to rc5 ) and the resulting lack
>of information/decent clients/... that gives it it's "boring" feel.
>Personally I can not think of anything more boring then rc-72...
>x years to break 1 encoded message...not even the encryption itself...
>We've proven the distributed computing concept, now use it.
>On OGR we could ( if we had working clients i guess) have a definate result
>every x months( I believe we have solved ogr25 over and over now  with the
>buggy client?)...and it has ( i admit maybe small) scientific benefit.
>The hope for a fixed OGR client is what keeps me around, if Dnet does not
>intend to support it ( or does not have the time) they should just say so.
>"No hard feelings, thanks for giving it a shot, too bad, bye...."
>Meanwhile my laziness to look for another decent ( it has to meet some
>criteria, eg not Win/linux only )project weakens....
>"Richard Farmbrough"  :
>OGR is not boring, it is fascinating, if you have the progress indicator up
>you can see the first 10 entries in the OGR candidates your machine is
>considering.  You can get some idea of how the node is progressing and
>predict what numbers are coming up next.  RC5 all you could see is
>Also OGR, once the problems have been fixed (which I agree there were
>communications difficulties about), will be producing a once-for-all
>There is only one OGR-25 problem, there are arbitrarily many RC-64
>the one we solved is really no more important than any other.
>I agree that _ motivation_ on OGR is a problem, because we still don't know
>how far through the keyspace we are  (even with OGR-24), and which results
>are valid.
>Again I would like to see the new clients and stub generators tested on
>(all?) OGRs less than 25 as this would take a blink of the eye in dnet
>terms, and help build confidence.
> Rgds,
>  Richard.
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