[RC5] new release candidate available.

Andrew MacKenzie andy at edespot.com
Mon Nov 25 12:04:10 EST 2002

+++ Steve Bennett [dnet] [Tue, Nov 26, 2002 at 02:46:01AM +1100]:
> I strongly disagree with your suggestion.  d.net is supposed to promote
> research into *distributed computing*.  Whether their small group of people
> is running the projects discussed here is irrelevant.  Also, since there is
> no (afaik) financial interest in membership numbers, I don't see the issue.
> Perhaps more open discussion of other projects and their appeal will help
> stimulate a more interesting direction for d.net projects to take?  All that
> will be achieved with a "shh, don't discuss X" attitude is further hostility
> and distrust towards d.net.
"hostility" and "distrust"?  I hope nobody here feels *either* towards dnet

But I understand that people are upset with the way things are being
handled lately, and myself have been frustrated with OGR being broken, and
RC5-72 being late (not that there was a posted release time, but
expectations were 'soon') in coming out.  I think this list is a good place
to voice one's frustrations, but to convince people to stop participating
in dnet I feel is rude (seeing that dnet runs this list).  It's ones right
to be rude, but it's rude none-the-less.  Just my opinion I suppose.

As an aside, I am a pretty decent developer, and may be willing to assist
dnet with some issues.  But I have no idea what sort of programming skills
are required at the moment (x86 assem?  OGR knowlege?  Mac Programming?).

Perhaps a list of what type of help is currently "in demand" on the dnet
site or to this list (frequently) would helpp garner more developers to

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