[RC5] new release candidate available.

Francois Grieu fgrieu at micronet.fr
Mon Nov 25 09:44:16 EST 2002

"Jeroen" <v.d.burg at planet.nl> wrote:

>You mean other projects than dnet?
>folding at home, seti at home, mersenne prime search etc...
>on the www.mersenne.com site is a list with some more projects

Add the revived www.nfsnet.org, working on factorisation. They are in beta.

   François Grieu
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Looking for other projects?

You'll find plenty of them at http://www.aspenleaf.com/distributed

Once in a while I try another project. After a short time I come back
because the client was too bad. Some clients just don't run at zero
priority and slow down your computer sometimes (Outlook became pretty
'laggy'), others show even less information about the current work than
d.net - not even "...10%...20%..".

So feel free to test some other client because I'm sure that you will
come back.

But you will stop whining. You will start seeing the good side of the
d.net client :-)

I don't know who has asked the question about links to other projects
any more. I don't think that he was whining but I really had to mention

In the end they all have their good and bad side.
Just choose the one that fits to you. 

Just my 2 cents...

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