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Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Tue Nov 26 01:18:04 EST 2002

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I just can say that I am very eager to know the results of the work of 
the "dnet staff member who is not
involved in preparing the RC5-72 rollout" that Bruce Willson promised 
would be "posted to the web for all to see" in a message dated five 
weeks ago :

I have not heard anything more on the progress made on recycling OGR, so
I have nothing more to report.  The information that was to be "posted
to the web for all to see" was about the nature of the bugs in the
various versions of the OGR core.  In my very recent scan of channel
logs, I found some new (and unprompted) discussion about digesting this
information into understandable form.

As I said in the above referenced message, hopefully there will be more
information coming to you soon.

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