[RC5] new release candidate available.

stvernaillen at ge.cokecce.com stvernaillen at ge.cokecce.com
Tue Nov 26 09:49:52 EST 2002

Hi Bruce,
Nice to hear from you again...you're our sole link to what's happening I

>On the OGR front, I've heard rumblings of some corrections to both the
>client and our reporting mechanism.  I have no idea of a timeline, nor
>of how/whether it will affect RC5-72 release.  All I can say is someone
>is considering the issue.

Nice to hear we're not forgetting OGR ... for what I can read here on the
list lately it is NOT a small minority that's here for OGR...certainly now
that's rc-64 is finished...
I'm sure you'll let us know as soon as you hear more.

maybe when there really is nothing to report you should do like the
media.... entertain with meaningless trivia;
eg " D-Baker broke his pinky yesterday, rest assured D , Baker and pinky
are doing fine , they are back fixing the bug in OGR but there might be
some delays....."
or  the always working sexual allusion " I saw nugget's girlfriend kissed
Bovine on the cheek !!! , Cheek denies all..."



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