[RC5] what's happened?

Greg Wooledge greg at wooledge.org
Wed Nov 27 19:06:05 EST 2002

Chris Bolt (chris-lists at bolt.cx) wrote:

> I'm using the standard ports, and this is what I'm getting:
> [Nov 27 22:28:32 UTC] Connect to host failed.
>                       EDISCONNECT: connection lost

I'm getting:

[Nov 27 23:23:12 UTC] Connected to us.v29.distributed.net:2064...              
[Nov 27 23:23:12 UTC] Net::write: error 61: Connection refused
[Nov 27 23:23:12 UTC] Connection closed.

and then it does a random RC5-72 block.  That seems to be reasonable
behavior if the dnet proxies are all down for some reason.

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