[RC5] Time to Start?

Knut Pfefferkorn Knut.Pfefferkorn at KeyWarrior.net
Fri Nov 29 10:10:08 EST 2002

On 28 Nov 2002 at 9:29, waldo kitty wrote:

> Knut Pfefferkorn wrote:
> > On 27 Nov 2002 at 20:25, waldo kitty wrote:
> >
> >
> > >>I'm working hard on the client. I hope, there will be a first beta
> > >>this week.
> > >
> > >what's the word on this? how is it coming?
> >
> > Oh, it was on the prerelease page for some days.
> > But we removed it, due to some bugs.
> >
> > New version is in test now, should be there soon.
> it? the client or the proxy or both??

Just the client. There is another porter for the proxy.
But he already sent me a beta. So I think, we will have both client and 
proxy when rc5-72 starts.


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