[RC5] client versions - AIX

Jack Beglinger jackb at guppy.us
Tue Oct 1 16:32:40 EDT 2002

> As was noted earlier, it is typical for OGR workunits to take much
> longer than RC5-64 workunits.  If you are using the most current
> clients, there is no reason why you should not be able to process OGR
> workunits until RC5-72 becomes available.  You are of course entitled
> to ignore the OGR project if it isn't appealing to you.

First off, a week is too long for any work unit.  It was also the most current 
version available.   OGR has no appeal to me - for this very reason. 

> While I'm mentioning long workunits, I'd like to point out to 
> everyone that RC5-72 workunits will be longer than RC5-64 workunits  

As I have mention prior too...  Give out bigger work units to personal proxies. 
Let them handout smaller usable ones (2^28 if required, maybe memory only 
clients or older machines) to the local machines.  Then the personal proxies 
can re-gather the information and hand back the big work unit to the server in 
sky. If a part is missing - it can locally rehand it out to get it fixed and the 
block big block returned.  This way, some of the large farms out there, you 
could hand out 2^48 or larger and let them do the sub work.  This way your 
server are off loaded.

Also if the personal proxy runs out of work units... Allow it to pick the 
random block to use.  This way it will "create" a block and hand it out to the 
local crunchers.  In the end the personal proxy starts to appear to be the 
center of AMP machine, with one DNET client on each processor... no 
matter the type.  

At the same time let the personal proxies hand back pre processed stats.  
So checking a completed blocked from a personal proxy, also gives back 
tallies for the stats.  

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