[RC5] client versions - AIX

Tom Ribbens webmaster at multi-air.com
Wed Oct 2 17:44:13 EDT 2002

> As I have mention prior too...  Give out bigger work units to personal
> proxies. 
> Let them handout smaller usable ones (2^28 if required, maybe memory only 
> clients or older machines) to the local machines.  Then the personal 
> can re-gather the information and hand back the big work unit to the 
> in 
> sky. If a part is missing - it can locally rehand it out to get it fixed 
> the 
> block big block returned.  This way, some of the large farms out there, 
> could hand out 2^48 or larger and let them do the sub work.  This way 
> server are off loaded.

This is impossible due to the fact that a perproxy does not always run for 
1 user, but often for more users. If such a proxy would break up such a big 
block, and assign to more than 1 different users, it would not be able to 
put it in 1 block anymore, because the participant-id's must be set correct 
per block. Currently, official keyservers get huge blocks, and split them 
up themselves, but are not able to merge the blocks back to one whole.


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