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>> First off, a week is too long for any work unit.  It was also the most
>> version available.   OGR has no appeal to me - for this very reason.
>Since the same amount of credit is given no matter how long the unit is, it
>seems to me that the only problem with having a longer unit is that it
>delays the update of your stats until it is finished.  I can see how stats
>junkies (I must admit I love stats too) would have a problem with this, but
>I imagine most stats junkies also have some faster machines that don't take
>more than a day to do an average OGR unit.  I don't think a week is that
>long to wait.

The problem with taking a week is that, if your system crashes in that week, you lose the whole block.  
My P90 took huge amounts of time to do OGR-25 blocks, and would crash before they were done semi-

I recognize there are features which can mitigate this somewhat, but point it out as another problem 
with work units that take too much time.

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