[RC5] Length of contests

Robert A. Rosenberg dnet at rarpsl.com
Thu Oct 3 00:39:57 EDT 2002

At 17:15 +0100 on 10/01/2002, Richard Farmbrough wrote about [RC5] 
Length of contests:

>While this may not apply to dnet since we use otherwise unused resources, I
>am sure I remember reading a research paper that suggested any
>computationally intensive program taking more than time T (18 months (?))
>with a given budget X was better left until the technology advanced to the
>point that X would buy enough processing power to complete in time T.
>Better in this context means completing the calculation earlier.

This only applies to a project that has a FIXED amount of work to get 
done. OGR meets this criteria (ie: Process this list of stubs).

RC5-XX does not since the amount of work to be done for RC5-XX is not 
fixed but dependent on what the key we are going to look for is. It 
can be found after ANY amount of effort. A fixed amount of effort 
RC5-XX project is one that checks EVERY key and then outputs the 
correct one. Thus with RC5-XX, the sooner you start, the sooner you 
will end since you MAY find the key prior to the time when you'd 
start the "Scan the full data-space within Time-X" effort.
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