[RC5] client versions - AIX

Robert A. Rosenberg dnet at rarpsl.com
Thu Oct 3 00:18:46 EDT 2002

At 10:42 -0400 on 10/02/2002, Jonathan Smith wrote about RE: [RC5] 
client versions - AIX:

>But without that data the pproxies can't compute correct stats.  I 
>know that towards the end of rc5-64 I usually have 3 to 4% 
>difference between the number of blocks my pproxy saw and the number 
>I was credited for.

I have two suggestions to fix this type of situation.

  1) There should be provision in the Keymaster code to send a report 
back to the submitter that lists the SUBMITTED Block Count not just 
the CREDITED count (with the rejected due to dupes count being 

  2) There should be a provision at FLUSH and/or FETCH time to send a 
list of blocks still in the BUFF-IN queue that can get a response 
that will list those that WILL get rejected so they can be removed 
from the BUFF-IN prior to being uselessly crunched. I am willing to 
have the reply come back as an EMAIL not in real-time - just so it 
can then be read into the program to fix the BUFF-IN.

On a separate issue, I would like a provision for returning the 
BUFF-IN units when shutting down a Client (or if over extended). 
These returned blocks would go onto a separate "returned" queue on 
the Keymaster that gets handed out PRIOR to other blocks so they care 
recycled immediately and are not "Lost" until we recycle though the 
address space.
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