Why use a check point file? was: Re: [RC5] client versions - AIX

dan carter hedonist at win.co.nz
Thu Oct 3 21:41:25 EDT 2002

Jack Beglinger wrote:

>Now you say... use a network drive to write that check point file... Why?
Because it will save any work lost due to a crash or power outage or etc etc

>  It is 
>faster to return and request a new block from proxy, and I do not have 
>support NFS mounts or SMB or worry about two machines sharing the same 
>drive space.
It is trival to setup an NFS mount.  It would take me about 30 seconds.

The suggestions you are making for modification to the entire proxy 
network would take a lot longer than 30 seconds to implement

And i fail to see how it is faster to return and request a new block 
from a proxy?  Faster than what? Checkpoint files slow down network I/O 
during fetch/flush?

>To add a new machine, setup the rom, add to bootp/dhcp and away it goes.
With a nfs mount for checkpoint files it would be no different.  

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