[RC5] OGR motivations/achievements in general

Jack Beglinger jackb at guppy.us
Fri Oct 4 00:43:31 EDT 2002

Thank you, Timothy (more below)

>     Many distributed computing projects can seem like a "drop in the bucket"
> at times, especially when problems are available that far exceed the
> computing power available today.  Finding a few OGR's is a reasonable task
> for dnet in the next decade I believe.  The fact that there are an infinite
> number to find doesn't diminish the value of the ones we will be able to
> find.  In terms of usefulness, I would consider OGR more useful than RC5.
> OGR at least has a few, albeit highly specialized, applications whereas RC5
> is really more of a marketing campaign for RSA labs (as I see it anyway).
> Maybe neither are considered as important as some other applications such as
> cancer research or, for some people, search for ETI.
>     I think the important thing to remember here is why we (dnet) are really
> working on these problems.  Our goal is "development, deployment, and
> advocacy, to be pursued in the advancement of distributed computing."  The
> real purpose here is to advance distributed computing by creating a client,
> solving some really challenging problems, and then to advertise that we did
> it with the power of distributed computing.  Any benefits to the problem we
> are working on is realy just icing on the cake.

I love this line... Our goal is "development, deployment, and advocacy, to be 
pursued in the advancement of distributed computing."   

Bruce, that is why to make improvements.  To find better ways to handle the 
trust issue, share processing, and use all computers to the best their parts.

Making a better proxy/client - that off loads the work of keyservers and stats 
improves the process and gives "advancement of distributed computing." 
Fixing how to make secure and trusted, goes to the same.

Just to crack RC5 -- just burns power.

Oh as note why I use small blocks in a stable network -- house is not 
stable... 18 month olds love to press buttons.  Crashed my AIX box because 
of the nice numbers that flash by.
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