[RC5] DNet questions (repost)

Richard Menedetter ricsi at gmx.at
Fri Oct 4 11:02:44 EDT 2002


I repost this, because there has no absolutely no answer to none of my 2 main
And IMHO these are extremely important ones.
I would be really glad if somebody would take 2 minutes time, and answer them.

PS: I also feel like there is an information vaccum concerning OGR.
If you are not sure if the client results are correct, GET OUT A NEW ONE
(before rc5-72 !) and _reprocess_ all OGR stubs.
This would be better than to let people work on OGR, and afterwards discard ALL
work because they have no scientific relevance !!

Questions to dnet staff:

- When will OGR-24 be finished ?? (IMHO it was promised for Sept. 2001)
   (if there are circumstances which prevent it, please tell us)

- What's the status of ogr-25.
   eg have the problems with a faulty implementation be resolved ?
   Is work we submit with the current clients scientifically relevant ?
   How many % of the stubs have been returned ?? (this should be shown
   also on the ogr main-stats page)

CU, Ricsi

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