[RC5] OGR motivations/achievements in general

Christopher Hicks chicks at chicks.net
Fri Oct 4 07:12:17 EDT 2002

On Thu, 3 Oct 2002, Jack Beglinger wrote:
> Bruce, that is why to make improvements.  To find better ways to handle
> the trust issue, share processing, and use all computers to the best
> their parts.
> Making a better proxy/client - that off loads the work of keyservers and
> stats improves the process and gives "advancement of distributed
> computing."  Fixing how to make secure and trusted, goes to the same.

Jack -

More features does not necessarily make something better.  Windows has
lots of features, but most people get tired of rebooting after a while.**
In engineering various things folks find that you have to make INTELLIGENT
CHOICES.  Each of these choices involves trade-offs.  In software the
choice is often - is the complexity worth it?  This is something I deal
with on a daily basis with clients in different industries.  Companies
driven by 'marketing types' tend to care only about adding the next
feature and any amount of effort and complexity to get it there is worth
it to them, but ultimately that's because they're utterly clueless as to
the consequences.  Having implemented a few features against my better
judgement whose complexity created tremendous problems I can tell you from
first-hand practical experience that ignoring the destructive nature of
such complexity can destroy software projects, organizations, and any joie
de vive of the technical staff.  In industrial applications I've seen real
lives needlessly risked.  Most technical folks (in software or other kinds
of engineering) learn early to tread very carefully before creating any
amount of complexity.  Most folks become wise enough to say "is it worth
it" about nearly every feature.

	** I'm not trying to start a Windows war here.  It's just a good
	straw man.  I play games in Windows every week, so I'm not quite
	as zealotous as I might sound or might like to be even.

So, to you, Jack, a smaller packet size seems like an inherently good
thing and any amount of effort required to make it happen is worth it.  
But, you're not the person having to put forth that effort so that's an
easy position for you to stick with.  And Jack, you're not the person
that's going to have to clean up the mess created by adding the feature.  
And, Jack you're still paying attention right?, if you really think your
concept is so good and will further the success of open source projects
DEMONSTRATE IT.  Make the dnetc guys look like clueless newbs, because you
know in your heart that the feature you want is worth it and will make the
whole thing much better.  I honestly hope you succeed.  If you did it
would teach a lot of people a lesson.  Iconoclasts provide a valuable
sanity check for society.  But if I were betting I would put my money
against you.  And in this case I wouldn't even hedge my bet.


The truth is rarely pure, and never simple.
	-Oscar Wilde, writer (1854-1900)

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