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> Jason Hartzell wrote:
> >
> > >>we're still receiving work from clients working on DES
and RC5-56.
> >
> > That's too funny.

It may seem funny, or dnet may laugh about people still
sending DES blocks. Reality is that on their own website,
amusing information is given out: "Completato il progetto
CSC! L'annuncio preliminare è online. ", which is the
italian localised homepage message for "Completed CSC
project! Preliminary announcement is online".
Now: CSC was completed in January 2000: how long shall we
wait for the final announcement?

One more:"Beta CLienT: Il 20 Aprile 2000 abbiamo iniziato il
beta testing del nostro ultimo client", which stands for:
"Beta Client: on April 20th 2000 we started beta testing of
our most recent client".
Some people here were concerned about client bugfixing. This
is showing how much care dnet pays on their clients, by
keeping them on beta testing for over two and a half years


I assume that dnetc doesn't update localised homepages
anymore. Please, remove them, as they are misleading and
filled with outdated information.


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