[RC5] DNet questions (repost)

Timothy Marsh Timothy.Marsh at usm.edu
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Well put.

    I think it is important for evryone to remember that to develop a new
project for dnet requires not only an intimate knowledge of distributed
computing, but also an intimate knowledge of the application.  While it may
not be uncommon to find coders who understand the interworkings of
encryption and/or OGR's (being a mathematical concept), it is considerably
harder to find coders who understand biochemical applications.  Keep in mind
that most projects working on these type of biochemical applications are
performed by many different groups from different areas of study working
together.  Typically a medical research group designs an application for
analysis of biochemical data.  Then, if possible, the software may be
tailored (with the help of people knowledgeable in distributed computing) to
a distributed computing type of platform.  Then the project cunching begins.

    In short, most people behind medical research forms of distributed are
from much larger and multi-specialized groups than dnet.  While it would be
possible for dnet to run such an application, I don't believe it currently
has anyone experienced in these types of medical software.  I also don't
believe that one person experienced in this area would be able to create the
software by themselves, given the complexity.  Dnet would have to work
closely with another company to accomplish this sort of goal.  Sound
familiar.  The relationship with United Devices is accompliahing just such a
goal.  But there are many differences between these two organizations
including their complexity and purpose.  For that reason I am glad that both
are here and I have given many cycles to both worthy causes.


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> The first, best and sometimes only way to get a new project on
> distributed.net is for someone who understands the project to write a
> core for our network.  We are eagerly looking for other projects we can
> add to our network, but without coders who know how to distribute and
> solve the problem, we have nothing but a nice wish.
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> | I too would like to see Dnet move in the direction of medical
> | and other
> | research besides encryption. Currently I'm looking for a
> | project of this
> | nature that I can setup the way I have dnet setup. Basically
> | I have the
> | client on the our servers here at work and when a user logs
> | in their log
> | in script runs the client from the server. Buffers and all are in that
> | folder, so if I need to update clients or any maintenance all
> | I have to
> | do is go into that one folder.
> |
> | Anyone know of any clients that can run like that besides dnet? I just
> | tried to get genome at home and folding at home to do it and they will not.
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