[RC5] Clients still working on old contests

Jeff Barnette barnette at alamo.satlug.org
Fri Oct 4 19:08:01 EDT 2002

On Fri, 4 Oct 2002, Ryan Malayter wrote:

> I found a few old clients on my netowrk by changing a few logging rules
> on my firewall and checking the logs a week later.
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> > Do you have your clients making logfiles?
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> > Ryan Malayter
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> >> I, for one, would like to know if any of my machines are still
> working
> >> on
> >> the old contests.  Is there any way I can get that info?
> >>
> >> Jeff
> All of the clients I know about are currently reporting to my perproxy;
> however, when I first installed the dnet clients on a few machines, they
> were connecting directly to the dnet proxies.  What I'm wondering about
> is
> whether any of these original machines (which were working on RC5-56 and
> DES at the time) may have "gotten away from me" over the years.  I don't
> have visibility because they don't connect to my perproxy.  Only the
> dnet 
> folks with access to the raw stats can tell me.
> Jeff

That's a good idea about the firewall.  I'll try it.  Unfortunately, most
of the early boxes were scattered all over the place.  Friends, family,
some businesses I did some work for, etc.  I was evangelizing the
distributed.net thing pretty hard for a while there.

About 2 years ago, I made some calls along these lines, but didn't find 
any old clients.  Everything had either been updated or removed.  This 
thread has gotten me thinking I may have missed something.


Bruce Wilson just sent a note saying they have no way of tracing those old 
clients.  I guess that puts an end to this thread -- unless they want to 
consider unblocking port 2056 for a while. :-)


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