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Robert A. Rosenberg dnet at rarpsl.com
Sat Oct 5 00:08:56 EDT 2002

At 18:02 -0500 on 10/04/2002, Bruce Wilson wrote about RE: [RC5] 
Clients still working on old contests  Was Re:

>No, we have no way of tracing back the machines submitting RC5-56 and
>DES work.  This work is submitted on a completely different TCP port
>(2056) than our current network (2064) and the port we'll be using with
>the RC5-72-capable clients (2072 - see the pattern?).  To reduce the
>load on our servers, we simply block the old port.  It may not be the
>most graceful way to handle the problem, but it is simple and effective.

How hard would it be to run a Daemon/Server on Port 2056 that 
accepted the blocks, bit-buckets them, sends a "We're Done/Project 
Closed status reply [if this existed at that time]) to tell the 
Client to terminate the project, AND sends an Email to the registered 
Email Address requesting credit TELLING the owner of the problem 
(along with any ID info such as Client/Platform and IP Address)?
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