Kids was Re: [RC5] OGR motivations/achievements in general

Jack Beglinger jackb at
Sat Oct 5 10:38:57 EDT 2002

> > 9 yr old, 3 yr old, 18 months....  The 9yr shares computer/office space with 
> > dad - leaves the main gates open to run back and forth, the 3yr releases the 
> > 18 months from play area by lifting side - 3 wants to play with 18. and 
> > together the come giggling into the computer area... fun in sues.
> Just wait until you start pulling french fries, used band-aids, etc. from
> your floppy disk drive.  (Or have you already been through that with the
> oldest one?

So far none.  But the 9yr did get her first machine when she was 2.  (the 3yr 
has been on-line web cruising, only!, for over a 1 1/2 years now.)

On day one with her new machine, she burnt out the power supply.  Made 
the machine so she could turn all the needed equipment (speaker, computer, 
cd-rom drive) on and off by turning the monitor on and off, via a switching 
power strip. Little did I think, that kind of power would go to her head...  She 
starts to click the screen on-off-on-off-on-off-on-off-on-off, the computer was 
getting basically half powered - and the power supply trying to keep up... 
start to smoke and then fried.  She used the machine for a whole 2 minutes.  

Current wee-ones machine is on 7x24 and located behind a wall from little 
hands.  The CD tower I got for $50 from a library auction holds a collection of 
25 titles for their enjoyment... but it is dad's machines with flashing lights 
when you press a button that makes them the most happy.   
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