[RC5] OGR motivations/achievements in general

Jeff Palmer scorpio at drkshdw.org
Sat Oct 5 12:57:33 EDT 2002

My request for a proxy change is simple and saves DNET resources in the 
long run, plus gives more machine types ability to play, by using my 
resources to handle the some grunt processing and off load
Also by allowing the proxy to pick random big blocks when it can not get

data improves the local network load and helps cut the fragmentation and

duplicate blocks that comes with a large number of crunchers all running
of data and all trying to solve the find another block please...

I think the post from Bruce Wilson clearly explains why this isn't
I'm sorry,  but you post the most to this list, and clearly aren't happy
with the way dnet does things.  However,  all you do is gripe and moan.
You may want to remember dnet is a volunteer organization.  If your
ideas are well suited to dnet, and logical, feasible, and reasonable,
why not join up and help implement them?

The noise coming from you is annoying.  You complain about this, and
You refuse to read valid replies to things you suggest, and are dead set
against being wrong.  It's as simple as this,   Help out, or shut up.

I've not seen a single post from you that praises dnet, at all.
If you don't like the project, and don't want to help,   find another
project.  Dnet was the first distributed computing organization of it's
kind.   But currently there is a broad scope of choices available to

No matter what the 'official' reply is to one of your suggestion, you
turn it into a 50 post argument.  It's pathetic.  It looks good for
neither party.  You seem hell-bent on proving some dnet volunteer wrong.
It doesn't seem to matter which volunteer it is,  you treat them all
equally, and all like trash.

Instead of getting so hostile over one project,  find one that suits you
and your politics.   These forums aren't your personal battle grounds
for the dnet staff.

Having said my peace, I'll happily add this thread to my procmail
If that doesn't suffice,  I'll just add JackB to it.


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