[RC5] DNet questions (repost)

Marco Tedaldi marco at tedaldi.net
Sun Oct 6 18:52:45 EDT 2002

On Fri, 04 Oct 2002 19:57:03 -0400, blitz wrote:

>Not being a programmer myself, this might sound strange to you, but is 
>there any way a generic client can be done that would allow someone else to 
>insert their work payload?
>Then a medical experiment, a math experiment etc. could be inserted as the 
>task, (and be much easier to set up quickly), and the client would be 
>amicable to any task that used its hooks.
qoopy was trying sometink like this... a java-client.
i think it's just a proof of concept, but looks interesting.
In the moment the project seems to be dead :-(

With such an approach of a parent-application which is done for
the networking stuff, and a child-application which is the
"cruncher" i think one can solve differente problems. Ok, one
can GEt problems with such an approach too :-)

Automatic update of the "child" to a new version could be a cool
feature, but also a security-breach...


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