[RC5] OGR motivations/achievements in general

Christopher Hodson chrishodson at mail.com
Sun Oct 6 15:06:37 EDT 2002

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From: "Jack Beglinger" <jackb at guppy.us>

> > You may want to remember dnet is a volunteer organization.  If your
> ideas are
> > well suited to dnet, and logical, feasible, and reasonable, why not join
> > and help implement them?
> Once the drop they NDA requirement.

I'm not quite sure what NDA requirement you're talking about, but DCTI will
not be rejecting code from the general public.  So, no, there is no "NDA
requirement" stopping you from submitting code (and if it works, we'll use
it).  Now that we've settled that, either produce some code, or stop

As an aside, let me say that we often have internal debates about which way
to go.  Just because the public doesn't see them doesn't mean we aren't

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