[RC5] OGR motivations/achievements in general

Victor A. Wagner, Jr. vawjr at rudbek.com
Mon Oct 7 02:30:24 EDT 2002

I say it's time for you to STFU!!
the NDA is necessary.
so sorry you can't see that, now:
S T F U !!
At Saturday 2002/10/05 10:58, you wrote:
> > I think the post from Bruce Wilson clearly explains why this isn't
> > feasible.
>Bruce wrote why with the method they are using it is not feasible.
>Why is the method they are using even right any more?
>The increasing the size of the blocks is because of their server issues.  Not
>for the good of project.  Maybe by using a little different methods you get
>a better system?  We are a distributed system -- so may be distribute the
>work load.
>So why not?  What would it take?  Large systems, better use of existing
>resources? Better use of client resources?
>These are what is not being answered.  Instead we get we can't. we don't
>do that way. it's in secure.
>Not answer showing true thought about it.  Three years ago the questions
>were asked of us about development directions projects and like... see:
>{PRIVATE}{PRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=The fastest computer on Earth."}
>Notice the title: Distributed.net, The Largest Computer on Earth:  Next
>Generation Suggestions.
>That was three years ago talking about the V3 client.  Well, it is still the
>v2.8 client.
> > You may want to remember dnet is a volunteer organization.  If your
>ideas are
> > well suited to dnet, and logical, feasible, and reasonable, why not join up
> > and help implement them?
>Once the drop they NDA requirement.
> > The noise coming from you is annoying.  You complain about this, and
> > that.
> > You refuse to read valid replies to things you suggest, and are dead set
> > against being wrong.  It's as simple as this,   Help out, or shut up.
>I read even one.  It been the same reply for two multiple years.  Tech has
>changed, system have changed but DNET can't for the same reasons I get
>from local programmers that are entrenched with their past or sys admins
>who keep fixing the problem over and over but never fix the issue.
> > I've not seen a single post from you that praises dnet, at all.
> > If you don't like the project, and don't want to help,   find another
> > project.  Dnet was the first distributed computing organization of it's
> > kind.   But currently there is a broad scope of choices available to
> > you.
>DNET is the choice for me.  Crypto is what I prefer.  OGR is not.  If I
>was do that math type... I would prefer prime or pi calculations.  I would
>like to see DNET be better.
> > No matter what the 'official' reply is to one of your suggestion, you
> > turn it into a 50 post argument.  It's pathetic.  It looks good for
> > neither party.  You seem hell-bent on proving some dnet volunteer
> > It doesn't seem to matter which volunteer it is,  you treat them all
> > equally, and all like trash.
>Maybe if 'official' was not so damn canned.  Like ask "when OGR 24 will
>be done?"  we really do not know.  See: http://www.distributed.net/ogr/
>see the top news item of OGR 24 officially restarted and begins OGR
>25!!  Yup that is July 13, 2000.
>Yes, they volunteers - that is thrown at us too.  And so are we.  It is hard
>to get new people to join these project when what is visible is so out of
>date at the official site.  When after 3 years, it is still being done the 
>way" so it limits client machine choice.  When suggestions dumped upon
>for being to hard or insecure - when we are testing / showing security
>being insecure in a time frame... yet we leave blocks in the open
> > Instead of getting so hostile over one project,  find one that suits you
> > and your politics.   These forums aren't your personal battle grounds
> > for the dnet staff.
>I have - I just wish they would grow and not be stuck in 1998.   RC5 is
>the grounds to talk about RC5, to talk about ways to improve, manager,
>use, issues with, or any else RC5.   It does break down from time - like
>talking about my kids and their enjoyment of press buttons that make
>lights blink--- and network/machine crash.  But even that started with
> > Having said my peace, I'll happily add this thread to my procmail
> > filters.
> > If that doesn't suffice,  I'll just add JackB to it.
>{ref Jeff - please do. }
>{ref Jeff - please do. }Please do what you fell you need to.  I will 
>continue with what I feel I
>need to do.
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