[RC5] DNet questions (repost)

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Mon Oct 7 15:36:46 EDT 2002

We think these projects would be good fits as well, and we've had many
internal discussions about what would be the best way to bring them on

While we could just roll our own versions of these projects, that idea
has some downsides:

*  We would have to create the core to do the math.  However simple the
project may be, it still takes time for someone to sit down and write
the code.

*  Because of our size relative to these smaller projects, we may be
seen as a bully taking away someone else's pet project.  Even if the
current project leaders don't care, some people will draw this incorrect

On the other hand, there are some clear advantages to merging with these

*  These smaller projects often seem to be struggling to find
participants, or getting bogged down in network issues, or trying to get
useful stats rather than getting work done.  Some projects are very
platform-specific, or require you to build your own client.  Hardly any
have anything like a perproxy.  Some require you to manually fill with
work, or have a single vulnerable server for handing out work, or simply
have everyone work at random in the hope of stumbling on a solution.  We
have solutions for each of these problems.  (OK, our stats aren't
perfect, but they do quite a lot, and they are generalized to make it
easy to plug in new projects.)

*  The cores are already written, and the people who understand and are
enthusiastic about the project are already on board.

*  We are able to offer more choices to our participants - something for
everyone.  Pick which projects you want to work on, or do them all in

If leaders of any such projects are reading this list, and would like to
talk to us about how to put their projects on the distributed.net
network, please send mail to help at distributed.net to that effect.  We'd
love to talk about options.  If you know the leaders of any of these
other projects, feel free to pass the word that we're looking for
interested projects.

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| I agree.
| That's why I suggest the vast number of number theoretic 
| conjectures as
| suitable projects.
| Typically the work unit is a range of numbers (in general an 
| n-dimensional
| voxel of a large search space).
| The test is often very simple, and the reply can be a binary yes/no.
| Also these tasks often lend themselves to generating 
| replicable checksums
| which allow for cross checking, and/or spot checks.
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| I'd think most of what a distributed client does would 
| actually be pretty
| wrappable . . . in general, you've got a system that requests 
| packets of
| "work" from a server, processes them, and returns some [ ....]
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