[RC5] OGR motivations/achievements in general

Jeff Leigh jgleigh at mac.com
Wed Oct 9 00:34:03 EDT 2002

I understand the need to verify the current results with the new (as 
yet unavailable) client, but it seems like you should already have 
gotten thru all the stubs several times over by now.

Here is Dave Avery's .plan file from 2000:

:: 23-Sep-2000 04:14 (Saturday) ::

  OGR progress report:

As of 23:59 22-sept-2000 there were 2,264,082 unique OGR-25 stubs 
out of 12,207,683, or 14.89% complete

As of 23:59 22-sept-2000 all but 7 unique OGR-24 stubs had been returned
and about 49% had valid pass-2 returns

So over 2 years ago, OGR-24 was already half way thru the second pass 
and OGR-25 was already at 15% up from 9% on Sept 11th. So how many 
times have these stubs been checked over with the 'broken' client? 
Seems like every stub would have been checked numerous times by now.

On Friday, October 4, 2002, at 09:16  AM, Bruce Wilson wrote:

> Because of the verification plan we are using, we do not expect to have
> to discard work done with current buggy clients unless the bug affected
> the results for a given stub.  Our original plan was to require two
> identical results for the same stub from different participants.  Now 
> we
> will be revising that to say that one of the results must also come 
> from
> a "fixed" client.  If the buggy client gives the same results as the
> fixed client, the bug was not a factor.  If the buggy client gives a
> different result, then we wait for a confirmation from a different
> participant using the fixed client.

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