[RC5] OGR motivations/achievements in general

Richard Farmbrough Richard.Farmbrough at telewest.co.uk
Wed Oct 9 17:15:43 EDT 2002

I for one would like to start OGR-26 rather than needlessly re-hash OGR-25
Then we can at least have one pass of OGR24-26 completed, subject to
confirmation from the fixed client.
I also agree with people who suggest we should stay with port 2064, there
must be thousands of firewalls, proxies etc configured with that port
Whether or not we do anything with work units form completed projects is
relatively unimportant.
There's also the bandwidth consumed by old clients/proxies repeatedly trying
to deliver their results to a worldwide network of keyservers that are no
longer listening!

Live Life in Broadband

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