[RC5] OGR motivations/achievements in general

Steve Bennett me at stevage.com
Thu Oct 10 21:29:23 EDT 2002

This has probably been suggested, but has anyone at least thought of adding
a "kill" option to the communication protocol, so that if a client connects
to the proxy, and it's out of date/project is finished etc, then it can at
least be shut down?  Ideally it'd also upgrade itself/download new
core/email its owner, but let's not dream, shall we?

Of course that wouldn't fix anything re: really old clients, but will stop
it happening again...


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i tend to agree with what you say... on the topic of the bandwidth
consumed by old clients running old projects and attempting to talk to
servers that aren't listening to them any more, someone needs to wake
TFU!! it's not "our" problem that they can't keep up with their old
clients... yes, i know that some may have been laid off and that they
may not have had any chance to remove those clients or to let anyone
else know about them... sadly, thems the breaks... if those entities
with those machines running those clients can't snoop their network and
see what's happening, they deserve what they have... one lemming can't
be wrong, right?

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